Goa – Where to Go and What to Do

Goa, one of the most beautiful states on the Western Coast of India, is famous for its churches, golden sands and never ending stretch of beaches, the striking temples and magnificent churches and lavish hotels are a treat to the human eye. You can certainly note the colonial monuments as the Portuguese ruled this state for many decades. You should certainly not miss the nature and scenic beauty of this state.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Santuary is the largest wildlife preserve of Goa. The Molem national park is worth a visit if you want to see herds of deer or an elephant. The Bondla wildlife sanctuary situated in North Goa is an abode to the Indian bison, the jackal, the wild boar and a wide species of birds. The Dudhsagar waterfalls also known as the sea of milk is an ideal destination for trekking and hiking and is situated on the Goa Karnataka border.

There are a large number of churches and temples in Goa. Many people come to Goa on a religious pilgrimage too. The Se Cathedral and the Basilica of Bom Jesus is very famous and the Mangeshi and the Mahalaxmi temples are famous here. There are a large number of good restaurants and resorts here which offer you very good facilities. You can enjoy a spa or even an Ayurvedic massage to de stress yourself. If you visit Goa during the Carnival Festival you can truly enjoy the dance, songs and make merry.

The climate suits the young and the old and Goa has now become the most sought after destination for many tourists across the globe and domestic tourists too. No wonder people call Goa the emerald of the South.

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